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Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Princess Shuri

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve already seen Black Panther at least once already.

I’m also assuming you’re as obsessed with Shuri (and actress Letitia Wright) as myself and the rest of the world right now.

Shuri, Princess of Wakanda and T’Challa’s little sister, is awesome for a lot of reasons you’ve probably already heard. With her genius-level intellect, she’s the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. She’s only sixteen and has her own brilliant lab where she develops some of the coolest technology we’ve seen in the MCU yet. She’s sharp as a tack with a wit that kept me on my toes the entire movie and, to top it all off, has a killer sense of style.

Needless to say, I want to be her best friend.

Style Icon: Shuri

Shuri stands out in Black Panther with outfits more casual than that of her royal peers. They’re consistently fun and colorful with a techie athleisure twist that speaks to both her young age and her affinity for all things technology. Besides, she made it very clear just how uncomfortable some traditional Wakandan dress could be, so it comes as no surprise that she rocks the most modern style in her family. 

Style Icon: Shuri

Style Icon: Shuri

The back of this dress deserved to be admired, too.

The white dress that showcased so often in the trailers had caught my eye from the very beginning. It was one of those pieces that immediately made me go, “Damn, I need that.” It felt like something that I should have already been able to buy, I just needed to know where. By wearing it while hard at work in her lab, Shuri only further proved just how versatile it could be— it would look just as good with a pair of sneakers (Ha. Ha.) as it would dressed up for a fancy night out.

Style Icon: Shuri

Everything about Shuri's wardrobe suggests advanced, high-tech fabrics, which are as much a reflection of her character as it is the entire country of Wakanda. Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter said herself that Shuri "represents the new Wakanda," especially as they, as a nation, (SPOILER ALERT!) finally present their riches, tech & abilities to the rest of the world.

Style Icon: Shuri

Also, how good are her hairstyles? She rocks that millennial half-topknot as well as she does Princess Leia buns.

If you have yet to see the magic that is Black Panther (and Shuri) yet, what are you waiting for? It's in theaters right now! Go go go!

Need some more Wakandan fashion in your life? Queen Ramonda is on our list, too.

February 22, 2018 by Tristan George


Laetter Bradley

Laetter Bradley said:

where did shuri purchase her white lab coat dress in the black panthers, I would love to purchase one.

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