Woman-owned and operated, Jordandené is a small business based in Brooklyn. Our geek chic apparel and home goods are lettered by hand to create unique designs suited for everyday use. We strive to promote nerd culture, positivity and girl power, all while keeping our customers comfortable and fashionable. 

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We Have A Podcast!

Jordandené is proud to present our new podcastThe Sartorial Geek. We're focusing on pop culture, girl power, and cool stories told by cool people. Listen wherever you normally listen to podcasts! (Bonus points: check out our cool rewards)


The Sartorial Geek Book Club: Hope Never Dies

The Sartorial Geek Book Club: Hope Never Dies

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a book club, but just never found a way to make it work out? Do you miss the Obama/Biden bromance as much as we do? Would you love to read about them as action heroes? Then we've got a book for you. 
August 04, 2018 by Tristan George
Batman vs. Captain America | Free Coloring Page

Batman vs. Captain America | Free Coloring Page

We have a special illustration from our favorite designer (who does all of our hand lettering), Joey Ellis at GrandArmy.
July 28, 2018 by Jordan Ellis
Twitter Chat: SDCC

Twitter Chat: SDCC

Though some of us are still slowly making our journeys home from San Diego Comic Con, last night's Twitter chat highlighted some of our favorite parts of this year's convention.

July 25, 2018 by Jordan Ellis