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Geek Fashion Fix | Styling Tips: In The Office

It’s not easy, or expected for that matter, for a lot of people to rock their fandom with style to the office. While ‘startup casual’ has wedged its way into the spotlight to name itself the new dress code for the generation, a certain amount of care has to go into styling to avoid looking unprofessional. Here are some tips on how to wear your favorite Jordandené designs to the office!

Break out your favorite accessories.

Styling Tips: In The Office

You’ve heard this one a million times, so why aren’t you listening? The right accessories can give an outfit the extra oomph to be able to rock it in the office, your favorite t-shirt included. However, self-awareness and control are key here: you certainly don’t want to overdo it. A solid statement piece or two may be all you need to dress it up. (Also, say what you want about culottes, but they’re the perfect combination of comfy and chic.)

Power to the pantsuit.

Styling Tips: In The Office

Business casual may rule the dress codes of many offices nowadays, but those in a more corporate setting don’t always have that luxury. However, that doesn’t mean the graphic tee is completely ruled out— an elegant and subtle design can soften the powerful look of suit separates.

Never underestimate skirts.

Styling Tips: In The Office

Pencil skirts are always a go-to for sleek office wear, but I encourage you to think outside the box a little. A simple tee can neutralize the extreme femininity and formality associated with midi skirts. They’re seriously underrated for the office, too— they’re a perfectly acceptable form of professional wear without the usual stiff and seriousness that comes with something such as a pencil skirt. Plus, they always come in the most gorgeous fabrics and prints. Double win.

Don’t bother with a tee at all.

Styling Tips: In The Office

Maybe you’re required to wear a suit to work every day. Maybe you don’t work in an office at all. Whatever your situation is, there are other ways to wear your favorite Jordandené designs to work. Swap out your boring laptop bag for one of our sturdy, roomy totes, take notes during meetings in one of our geeky journals, or go the super subtle route and sneak an enamel pin on your blazer, ID lanyard, etc. A friend of mine recently told me that her sister, a doctor, even rocks her ‘Be A Dragon’ pin on her scrubs!

Have you styled any Jordandené designs for work lately? What’s your favorite way to do it? Let us know in the comments below!

January 28, 2018 by Tristan George

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