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Geek Fashion Fix | Styling Tips: For Those Lazy Days

To start off our styling tip segment with a guide on how to dress up your favorite geeky t-shirt would have almost been too predictable. In fact, when it comes to styling tees, it seems the guides out there solely focus on dressing everything up. 

Let's face it: nine times out of ten, when we put on a tee, it's not for that. It's for comfort, and these days, with the recent reign of the athleisure trend, it's easier than ever for comfort and style to go hand in hand. Here are some tips on how to achieve that!

Note: I had initially planned to style some outfits for you all myself, but the temperatures this past week in Brooklyn have dropped to as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so we're sticking to Polyvore outfits this week! 

Layers, layers, layers.

Geek Fashion Fix: Lazy Days

This bit of advice seems the most obvious. But, seriously, what's comfier than wearing a chunky knit cardigan over your favorite tee on a cold day? Or a sporty bomber jacket in the spring? And tees under flannels in fall are a classic staple that we're all familiar with. This is by far the easiest concept to play around with and you can create so many more looks with it than you'd expect! Shop the look here

Ditch your old sweatpants for a pair of joggers.

Geek Fashion Fix: Lazy Days

I hate wearing sweatpants and haven't owned a proper pair since it was cool to buy baggy ones adorned with neon block letters from the Jersey Shore in 2008. I wouldn't stumble upon of marled knit joggers in a store until at least half a decade later as a tired, over-worked fashion student that wouldn't dare walk into a three-hour class under-dressed despite having friends at traditional universities who rolled into lectures in pajama pants.

Joggers are a godsend for that comfy-chic look. The right fit-- not too baggy in the legs with a banded, tapered ankle-- is universally flattering and a serious upgrade from the days of baggy sweatpants, so much that nowadays, you can even find yourself a woven silk pair in higher end brands for more formal occasions. Shop the look here

Up your basic black legging game.

Geek Fashion Fix: Lazy Days

I'm not here to reignite the age-old "leggings are/aren't pants" debate. I would just like to state the obvious fact that, when it comes to dressing comfy, leggings are the most obvious choice. They're sleek, they look good on everyone, and they pretty much leave you feeling like you're not wearing anything at all. Can you really blame those of us trying to pass them as pants? Why step into your stiff old jeans when you can slide into your soft, stretchy leggings? 

I am a supporter of leggings as pants, so long as they're thick or you're wearing a long enough shirt. I support this more than ever now that the style options are seemingly endless. Gone are the days that your only options were full length, black or maybe grey. Leggings everywhere can now be found in different prints, fabrics, and styles. My personal favorites are those that come adorned with edgy mesh panels or cut-outs because you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style and vice-versa. Shop the look here.

Never underestimate your favorite pair of boots.

Geek Fashion Fix: Lazy Days

I'm not talking about your old UGGs that are falling apart at the seams. Everyone should own at least one nice, comfortable pair of boots, whether they're combat or ankle booties, and if you don't, your closet is just waiting for them. Comfort is the key word here-- this is not the time to break out those six-inch heeled knee boots. The right pair of boots will tie together any outfit, no matter how comfy or casual. Shop the look here.

How do you "dress down" your favorite Jordandené tees and tanks? What styling tips would you like to hear next? Let us know in the comments below! 

January 07, 2018 by Tristan George

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