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Geek Fashion Fix | Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

If you're anything like me, you're constantly telling yourself you don't need any more pins... and then freak out every time you see a new one. January has particularly difficult for those of us on the pinsanity train. Here are just a few of my favorites that dropped this month.


Sent From Mars x Utinni Bikini All That Glitters Pin

Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

Just last week, geek chic powerhouses Utinni Bikini and Sent from Mars announced the collab of our dreams: these adorable jewel-snatching Niffler pins, with artwork based on one of Sent From Mars's recent custom bag. This adorable fantastic beast comes in two colors, a blue and green gem, one each available in their respective stores. Pre-orders are open now & ship in late February, so get lovers of all things shiny, get them in soon!

Utinni Bikini Porg Pins

Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

Porgbacca. Han Porgolo. Harry Porger & friends. Utinni Bikini was worth a quick second mention because these little guys, also available for pre-order, are far too adorable to pass up. 

Elhoffer Design Hamilgown Pins

Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

Don't have the budget to drop on one of the gorgeous pieces from Elhoffer Design's Hamilgown collection? No worries-- now you can wear the original art for each piece with pride and show off your love for both. Once again, this collection is available for preorder and will ship in February. Pick up your favorite dress or collect them all! 

Fandomly Designs Happy Beeps Pin

Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

Fandomly Designs has the perfect way to show off your love for the world's cutest droid: BB-8, the Alliance Starbird, glitter, and happy beeps. Happy. Beeps. What better way is there to communicate with all of your droid buddies? 

Pins by The Clever Clove

Favorite Finds: Pin Edition

If you follow @thesartorialgeek on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that we’re loving all creations from The Clever Clove lately. It's everything we love in one: enamel pins & patches, tiny animals, and references to beloved books. Also, their mascot is this cute little gal, Henrietta the Hedgehog. What's more adorable than that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

January 21, 2018 by Tristan George



Melany said:

I’m loving all of these! Have you seen Be Magical Studio? I’m in love with her pins!!!


Theresa said:

Ahh! How did I miss this before!! Thank you for the post doll!

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