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Monday Motivation | Accountability

For this week I thought I would share an excerpt from the latest Geek Girl Strong Biweekly Bonus e-mail! It's all about wellness support and accountability, especially during the summer months.


You've just about made it to another summer!
Lots of breaks happen during this time.

Summer break for schools,
Summer vacations,
AND a break from cold weather that calls for hibernation…

People also take a break from their wellness goals at this time.

There’s so much to do!

Go to the gym? I’m going outside!
Eat mindfully? I’ve got summer Fridays, I’m going to BBQs and on an all you-can-eat cruise!
Summer Body? Summer is here, this is my body.
(Though I like the general mindset of that last point.)

It can make keeping track of your wellness goals difficult.

What if anything holds you to the goals you had before this summer?
Do you have anything or anyone in place to hold you accountable?
Have you started realizing that relying on willpower alone is about 95% B.S.?

Most of us don’t make difficult decisions due to our willpower.
We have to create an environment in which we can best succeed.
For some that means having others there to hold you accountable.


If you think you'd like to join a group of supportive geeky women while everyone else is taking a break from their goals join Geek Girl Strong Monthly Accountability Group, or start a group of your own!

Do you also find it hard to depend on your willpower alone?
Do you have supportive people in your life who hold you accountable?
Will you get your own group together now?

Let us know here in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!

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