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Talk Nerdy To Me: 5 Fav Star Wars Outfits

Star Wars fashion has been on point since Episode One (well, Episode IV). There are so many incredible looks throughout the movies and TV shows, but these are five of my favorite:

Padme Amidala Outfit: Talk Nerdy to Me

1) While definitely not her most iconic or most extravagant look, I'm obsessed with Padme Amidala's all white outfit in Episode II. This is the kind of thing I would absolutely wear every day if I had half the confidence to do it. Plus, it reminds me so much of Leia. 

General Organa Outfit: Talk Nerdy To Me

2) Speaking of Leia, I really love her general outfit in The Force Awakens. Unfortunately I feel like movies often save the best wardrobe options for their younger stars, and I was so pleased to see her looking so sharp.

The Force Awakens Rey Outfit: Talk Nerdy to Me

3. If you caught our #TwitterChat this week, you know that Rey's style embodies the "comfy + current" fashion motto I strive to live by. This outfit looks great while also looking so dang comfortable.

Captain Phasma Outfit: Talk Nerdy to Me

4. I guess this isn't as much of an outfit as a suit of armor, but Captain Phasma is one of the best dressed fighters I've ever seen.

Queen Amidala Outfit: Talk Nerdy to Me

5. Queen Amidala shows up twice on this list because, let's face it, she's the best dressed in the entire Star Wars universe. Zoom in to explore the detailing on this dress. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Which outfit did we miss? Who do you think is the best dressed in the SW galaxy? Let us know in the comments!

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