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Super Cool People: Geek Girl Strong

If you've been hanging out with us for a while, you've heard me sing the praises of Robyn at Geek Girl Strong. She's a wonderful, positive, uplifting spirit who knows a hell of a lot about getting healthy (she also makes a really cute model if I do say so myself). I've been following the Geek Girl Strong online challenges and working out one-on-one with Robyn for the second half of this year, and I'm making serious improvements to my health + fitness. Come meet Robyn and join the Geek Girl strong fanclub!

Geek Girl Strong

How did Geek Girl Strong get started?

After teaching Health, Physical Education and Dance in the New York City Department of Education school system for 5 years, I realized that I wanted to live my entire life (not just in the classroom) as an example of better health. I knew that it was time to offer an approach different from what was already available to the masses. Geek Girl Strong brings all that I have worked on and towards together: overall wellness, female empowerment, and my geeky qualities. My main goal in life is to help girls and women realize that they are the super heroines they thought they would only read about.

When did you really know you wanted to do what you do?

I knew that Geek Girl Strong was something I had to do when other people started seeing how miserable I was not only at my old job, but just in general. My job was taking so much out of me that I didn't have much to give, even the things and people I loved! I'm in a much better place now and I like that I can now live up to my full potential.

What’s your favorite part of your business?

My favorite part of my business is  having my clients share their most recent achievements with me. I am so happy that I can help them reach their goals. The sound in their voices and looks on their faces make me only want to get better at what I do!

Geek Girl Strong

What has surprised you the most about being a health and fitness coach?

Oh... well.. sometimes it's really hard to remind myself of that old saying "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink." It can be very trying to work with clients who are not yet ready to drink the water. I try my best to help them realize that they may not be ready and focus more on working out why that is.

Sometimes that is frustrating for people because they are not seeing the change they'd like to see. Usually they end up realizing that I can be there and aid them, but really the amount of energy they put into our time together is the biggest indicator of seeing change or not.

The best outcome in these situations is when the person sees that they have a bit more work to do before they are ready to make those necessary life changes, and does the work! Everything seems to just fall into place after that!

Can you tell us about one of your favorite workouts?

At the gym I love powerlifting! Back squats, bench presses, deadlifts.

I also love pole dancing!

In terms of stretches, I love lunges, the pigeon pose and this shoulder stretch done on the floor that I may now have to dedicate an entire Instagram clip to now that I realize I don't have one (stay tuned for that)!

Here are a few examples:

Box squat + shoulder press



Spin pole

Pole Dancing

Star Wars Pole

Bench Press 

Who would win a fight between Jessica Jones and Elektra?

I think it depends on how recently Jessica has been drinking. If we're talking Netflix series I think it would be closer than the sober-mom Jessica.

Then again, Elektra does have some serious weaponry... but Jessica could just toss Elektra... but could she catch her?

I'm going to have to go with Elektra, even if I like Jessica way more.

Geek Girl Strong

What do you nerd out on the most?

Marvel comics for sure. It used to be video games but since Grad school I just haven't gamed out like I used to! I'd love to get back to it though! 

What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

Well the last one was Luke Cage.

But a guilty pleasure that I've used to zone out in hard times is actually Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Besides all the filler episodes, I love it. It's simple and colorful and an easy escape. *shrug* #selfcare 

Where do you like to hang out online / where can we find you?

I'm on Facebook and Twitter, but to get the best feel for Geek Girl Strong find me on Instagram. You can also just search for geekgirlstrong everywhere.

Thanks, Robyn! Make sure to follow Geek Girl Strong on Instagram for first dibs on her next fitness program!

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