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Motivation Tuesday? | Maintain, Don't Gain (or lose)

Your motivation is coming on this week's "Monday" to remind you that
Even Captain America and Thor have off seasons.

As the holidays are now fully upon us it can be VERY difficult to stick to dietary restrictions and exercise plans.

For some that means the fear of gaining weight lost this year.
For some that means losing muscular/strength/ability gains!

As the title of the post implies this week's tip is,
focus on maintaining (if not nothing else).

Next week, we can get back to forward progression.

This week:

  • Stay Mindful
    • Leftovers can taste even better!
      The food is so good, but could you put off the next helping?
    • Eat slowly
      Try putting down your fork/spoon between every two bites.
    • Wait 20 minutes before getting your next helping
    • Pay attention to how you body feels!
      Muscles tighter than usual? Tummy aching?
  • Eat
    • Breakfast
    • Healthy Snacks
      • Showing up to dinner or a party starving makes staying mindful really hard!
  • Exercise
    • Take a walk with your loved ones
    • Go to a dance party
    • Take some "me" time to do a workout like the one include below!



    How are you making it through this time of year?
    Let us know in the comments and over at the Geek Girl Strong Instagram!

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