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Monday Motivation | Workout Videos!

Geek Girl Strong has three new workout videos
No equipment needed!





Each video includes a warm-up and cool down while focuses on three different character attributes!

There a 17 minute constitution routine focusing on stamina, endurance, and vitality.

22 minute dexterity routine focusing on agility, reflexes, and quickness.

As well as a 34 minute body weight strength routine focusing on might and brawn!


All these workouts can be done anywhere.
At-home, a hotel room, or even a corner of the gym!

Each video is just $4.99 but you can get all three at 25% off!


I'm really excited to share all of these with you and hope you let us know how they went once you try them out.

Let us know here in the comments, over @GeekGirlStrong and by using #GeekGirlStrong!

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