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Monday Motivation | Super Teams, everyone needs 'em

"You are the company you keep."

As we enter the last week of January I have been thinking about the people I've grown closer to since the last Geek Girl Strong 1up Challenge.

You hear it all the time...

Those in recovery from addiction are encouraged to no longer go where they use to go or see who they use to see.
Therapists comfort patients who are making positive changes in their lives when it seems that they may have to leave a friend or loved one behind.

We need people around who reflect the best parts of ourselves, and help us better the parts we aren't so crazy about.
We need people around who will stand up for us, encourage us.


All of this and more is why a support network, or a "Super Team" is of the utmost importance.
Having life partners with similar goals and values aren't just attributes to look for in a romantic relationship.

We need each other, we need mentors, we need coaches.
You could do it alone, but if you open yourself up enough to allow a little bit of help in, you may find a power within yourself you wouldn't have found otherwise. 

Finding Your Super Friends | Geek Girl StrongArtist Unknown

For all of these reasons and more, I am super excited to start the 1up Wellness Challenge this week.

I learn something new from each and every client I have.
I am just the accumulation of every awesome person I've ever met (or worked with).
You know who you are, and if you're reading this, thank you!

Do you have a Super Team?
Leave a comment and share this post with your Super Teammates.
Then come on over to the Geek Girl Strong Instagram and join us for the 3rd Annual 1up Challenge to meet our team <3

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