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Monday Motivation | How-to: Eat Mindfully During Convention Season

Food can be a sensitive topic.
Conventions don't make it any easier.

There were a few years when I would eat ramen after each New York Comic Con. I would be SO hungry after a weekend of con-going that I just wanted to stuff my face. Ramen was perfect.

It wasn't the fact that I was eating Ramen that was problematic. It was that I was basically starving myself because not only was the food really expensive in the convention center (as it goes) but it wasn't anything that I really wanted to eat.

Cons can bring out eating extremes in a lot of us.
We might eat all the stadium style food or not eat at all.

Here are 5 very general steps I've taken to combat this:

  1. Eat Breakfast - We hear it all the time but especially when we're going to be on our feet all day, maybe in difficult to wear cosplay, we should take care to fuel up at the beginning of the day. Look for something with protein and/or fiber for a lasting filling feeling! You'll also ensure you've had something to eat that day.
  2. Bring Snacks - This is how I know I'm becoming my mother.  She NEVER left the house without snacks in tow. Try to pack something filling and nonperishable into your travel bag like nuts and dried fruit (I've even hidden them in little pockets of costumes). Or maybe even fruit snacks and juice packs.
  3. Hydrate - Another one we hear all the time. If you can't bring a water bottle then find a water fountain at least once an hour, setting a timer on your phone can help remind you. Water isn't only good for you but it can help with hungry feels.
  4. Order Delivery - Not feeling what you're seeing? Some places will deliver to convention centers! Just let them know that they should call you when they arrive (ask them for an ETA and try to be outside already, as a courtesy).
  5. Make Plans - This doesn't have to be a meal plan, that would be really difficult in most cases if you're traveling. Instead, make plans with your con friends! "Hey, wanna get lunch around 2?"

Hopefully these tips will make it easier to ensure that you don't end up burning yourself eating ramen because you couldn't wait for it to cool down or not realizing that you've had one too many at an afterparty.

This week I'm off to the West Coast for Emerald City Comic Con to practice what I preach.

Check-out the Jordandene tabling schedule to find out when you can also stop by for a very special ECCC Geek Girl Strong offer!

How do you handle food during convention season? Let us know in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!


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