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Monday Motivation | Geek Girl Strong on Patreon!

Have you been wanting to dip your toes into the pool of nerdy/geeky fitness & wellness? This Monday, we have something to help with that!

There's now a new way to join Geek Girl Strong in wellness & magic!

My hope is that this new platform will give our community a new (and improved) way of engaging with one another and unlocking our wellness achievements together!

The Geek Girl Strong community is for everyone who believes that wellness is for EVERY body! Anyone can now claim rewards for as low as $1! 

Rewards include:

  • Workouts
  • Geeky Themed Workout Playlists
  • Special Q&A posts
  • Google Hangout Checkins
    & more!

Geek Girl Strong runs on the idea that you should not only benefit from good health as an end result of your efforts, but also enjoy the journey, every day and step of the way!

Click here to read more about what our community has to offer and hopefully find a reward to suit your wellness needs! 

Then let us know in the comments and over at @GeekGirlStrong, what other Patreon rewards would you like to see?!

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