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Monday Motivation | Biweekly Bonus

Want a bonus every two weeks?
Those on the Geek Girl Strong newsletter list are now receiving the Biweekly Bonus!

Every other week I am sending a newsletter full of everything from health tips and motivational musings, to general Geek Girl Strong community announcements!

This first Biweekly Bonus included:

  • A (familiar) podcast recommendation full of health tips!
  • A short rant from me about eating fat
  • A new enamel pin
    and more!!!

My hope is that the Biweekly Bonus will become fully interactive, a place where our community can tell me what they’d like to know in a more personalized setting than a blog or social media post!

If you’d like to get this week’s Biweekly Bonus just click here to view it.

...and if you like what you saw then I hope you’ll click here to join the conversation.

I’m thinking that our mid-June Biweekly Bonus should talk about how to stay motivated.

What would you like to read in the Biweekly Bonus?

Let us know here in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!

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