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Monday Motivation | A NYC dance party for anyone who identifies as a fangirl

Geek Girl Strong is hosting our first (hopefully annual) Fangirl Dance Party on June 23rd!
Thanks to our sponsor Logan Arch!!


Come on, it'll be fun!

We'll have...

  1. A geek girl dance playlist
  2. Free "bar" snacks
  3. Star Wars Themed Raffles
    and more!

You can get your ticket here!

We're partying Cantina style, so you can smuggle (BYOB)!
Just remember... "Everything in moderation".
Here's some information on that from Mayo Clinic. #onbrand

Casual cosplay is highly encouraged but not at all required.
Characters with she/her, they/them pronouns who are 21 & over only!


If you wanna come, get your ticket here.

If you aren’t in the NYC area you can still be a part of the Geek Girl Strong community by sporting Geek Girl Strong and/or supporting us on Patreon!

What song would you want to hear at a Fangirl Dance Party?
Let us know here in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!

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