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Monday Motivation |  8 Ways to Get More Steps in

Whether you are counting them or not, getting in steps is good for all of us.
Normative data indicate that healthy adults typically take between 4,000 and 18,000 steps/day, and that 10,000 steps/day is reasonable for this population..."

Walking is a cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, meaning that it raises your heart rate if you go fast and/or far enough!

This means it’s good for your heart, in fact it can lower your risk of high blood pressurehigh cholesterol and diabetes.

All of this, in addition to being a great way to give yourself a mental health break, maintain and or lose weight.

Ways to walk more:

  1. Park the car further away
    Like a couple extra blocks or at the far end of the parking lot.
  2. Get off a stop (or 2) before yours
    If you take public transit like I do.
  3. Take the stairs
    You can even walk on an escalator if you need to get there faster.
  4. Get up from your seat
    Just stand up while at your desk, on a plane, during a meeting.
  5. March in place
    Take some steps right where you’re standing or maybe do some jumping jacks!
  6. Take a dance break
    Add music to your marching in place and ta-da!
  7. Take a walking meeting/date etc.
    Take some “long walks on the beach” or in a park, maybe to and from cafes/bars...
  8. Walk on a treadmill
    You don’t have to run or jog, just get moving!

Note: Conversations around “getting in steps” can very easily become ableist. It is good to keep in mind that for those who do not walk there are options for staying active. Many gyms now have crank or arm bikes and for some, swimming is an option. In some areas people can also find and join adaptive sports teams/groups. Like basketball and tennis, just to name a couple.

Of course, use discretion when doing any and all physical activity. This including being aware of your surroundings and doing what is best for your safety!
If you’re someone who would like to safely increase your number of steps, aim for 2,000 - 2,500 more steps each day.

How do you make sure to get into your steps? Let us know here in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!

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