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Monday Motivation | 5 ways to find a work-out you actually like

The best work-out for you is the one you're actually going to do.
...and you're more likely to do something that you actually enjoy.

Instead of sharing types of activities you might like (the possibilities are endless my friend), today I'm going to share 5 ways to seek out a new type of physical activity!

  1. Your friends
    Get into conversations with your friends about what they do or what the're interested in. They may have insight into you that no one else has and it could lead to you having a new work-out/accountability buddy!
  2. Social Media
    Most trainers/instructors, and facilities have social media profiles (like mine!). Following them could give you an idea of what you would be getting into and what's in your area! (Simply mix 1 and 2 by seeing if friends tag their location on those "look what I can do" posts, you can seek the place out yourself or ask that friend.)
  3. ClassPass, FitReserve, and the like...
    Points one and two cost nothing but if you're ready to get out there you might consider paying for services that allow you to attend classes at different studios. Once you find a place you like, you can always stay there. Or if you dig not being tied down, continue mixing it up with different locations.
  4. Groupon, Gilt City, and more...
    These "Daily Deal" websites sometimes have some great deals on fitness/wellness services and classes!
  5. Introductory Deals
    If you have a studio/gym in mind already, find out if they have trial periods and/or deals for new members. Some last for a whole month and can allow  for you to try them out while not yet paying full price!

Bonus: Revisit an old favorite.
Were you really into kickball in middle school?
Search for leagues in your area of whatever activities you were into as a kid. If it doesn't exist yet, start one yourself! I can almost promise you that there are other people out there willing to play again. (I may have won musical chairs at my friend's 30th birthday party this year.)

Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to Fangirl Health Club and enjoy glamorous post work-out photo-ops (see featured image)... So how did you discover your favorite way to work-out? Tell us about it here in the comments and over @GeekGirlStrong!

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