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Monday Motivation | 5 Types of Physical Activity for Angry Feels

Anger isn't always a bad thing, especially if you work it out.
If the beginning of the week has already been tough on you, try these out!

  1. Overhead Medicine Ball Slams - Get into your squat stance and place the ball slightly in front of you on the floor between your feet. Do a squat and pick up the ball on its sides. Stand up while bringing the ball above your head with slightly bent arms. Push your butt back while flexing your core and bring your arms down, THROWING THAT BALL INTO THE GROUND!!! Repeat.
  2. Weight Lifting - My personal favorite for this is the deadlift since it is the "strongest" of the three power lifts (back squat and bench press being the other two). Ripping something heavy off the floor repeatedly is therapy for some.
  3. Boxing/Martial Arts/Self Defense - Not only do I (and many of my clients) find these types of classes to be a good workout, but they usually leave you feeling empowered and let you hit stuff. Which ya know, helps sometimes.
  4. Dancing/Pole Dancing - Music is my everything. I love creating playlists for a reason! People in my life can sometimes know exactly how I'm feeling by what music I'm listening (or dancing) to! Try choosing movements or music that express your anger. For many it allows them to get some of it out their bodies and clear space in their heads.

    Feeling under the weather but inspired by @hudsonvalleypole & @foofighters ✨

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  5. Hit something at home - Preferably something soft. Walls almost always win and they're expensive. Hammer fist down into a pillow. Take the couch cushions out and give it to 'em. Do some "Overhead Pillow Slams". Maybe even scream into them.

WOOF! Feel better? Good, go get 'em tiger. 


Do you exercise to help with anger or other difficult emotions?
Let us know in the comments and over at the Geek Girl Strong Instagram!


As always, exercise CAUTION before your body. Warm-up and stay safe. Never do something so far outside your current ability that you could get hurt!

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