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Geek Fashion Fix | What I Wore: The Last Jedi

Don’t worry: I’m going to keep this post free of The Last Jedi spoilers. I’m not that person. Cool? Cool.

*cue Star Wars theme*

If you’re reading this, you already know The Last Jedi opened Thursday night. In fact, there’s a good chance we were watching it for the first time at the same time. We probably squealed and cried and cheered at all the same parts.

Now, I’m no cosplayer (and I have an insane amount of respect for those that are), but I still dressed up in my own subtly geeky way. Here’s what I wore to the first screening of The Last Jedi!

Geek Fashion Fix | WIW: TLJGeek Fashion Fix | WIW: TLJ

Our Matt the Radar Technician tee was an obvious choice. There is no better feeling than wearing this just about anywhere and having someone point and yell excitedly about it. By the way: Kylo-Ren is shredded.

I’ve always hated preorders, solely because I’m impatient and want to have and use the thing right away, but the moment Elhoffer Design opened orders for this Galactic Scavenger Cape, I caved immediately. It’s so incredibly cozy, like wearing a giant knitted blanket around your shoulders, and so chic that those who aren’t nerds simply assume I’m way more stylish than they thought.

Geek Fashion Fix | WIW: TLJ

Of course, I couldn’t skip on the Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps, either. These are called Sass Effect, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy them months ago, just for this occasion.

Not pictured, but very much there? My First Order STANCE socks, keeping me warm one lightsaber battle at a time.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and may the force be with you always!

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