Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Rainbow Johnson

When the idea for this segment struck me, so did a certain character.

No, it wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw. It wasn’t Blair Waldorf or any of those other predictably classic characters that come up so often in the world of fictional fashion.

Hold your gasp. I look ridiculous in headbands and can’t walk in heels to save my life, so what good would any of them do me? Nothing.

And are their looks even relevant, wearable, or accessible today? No!

That’s why the lady at the top of my list has made such a lasting impression. Ladies and gents and geeks alike, I present to you, my number one Fictional Style Icon: Rainbow ‘Bow’ Johnson.

Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Rainbow Johnson

I could dedicate an entire blog to Bow’s outfits if that hasn’t been done already. I could also spend this entire post telling you how important ABC’s black-ish and the Johnson family are, or how crazy obsessed I am with Tracee Ellis Ross, but that’s not what I’m here to do (though maybe this will be enough to convince you to tune in.)

Sitcom mothers have come a long way since the days of ill-fitting jeans and tennis shoes, and Bow is the perfect example of that progression, considering I have to pause every episode just to see what she’s wearing.

Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Rainbow Johnson

Seriously, everything from her pajamas to her maternity wardrobe is so perfect makes me squeal. How cute is she?

Her style is the perfect mix of her zany, non-traditional upbringing by bohemian parents and current success as a brilliant doctor and mother of four. It’s modern and colorful and always refreshing— she rocks space buns, vintage band tees, and green leather as often as she does Isabel Marant pieces and her Bandolier phone case.

Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Rainbow Johnson

And that’s my favorite thing about Rainbow Johnson: she’s a constant reminder that we don’t have to grow up and lose our fun streak. Her wardrobe is the perfect example of that.

Watch Bow kill the outfit game in black-ish Tuesday nights on ABC, or do the 2017 thing and stream it all in one sitting on Hulu.

Who's your Fictional Style Icon? Who should we cover next? Let us know in the comments below!

December 03, 2017 by Tristan George

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