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Geek Fashion Fix | Favorite Finds: Ugly Sweater Edition

I love the holiday season. I don’t understand anyone who wouldn’t— snow, hot cocoa, flannel PJs and exchanging gifts; it’s basically everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside wrapped into a two-month window.

My all-time favorite part of the season, though? The ugly Christmas sweaters.

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a ubiquitous addition to the holidays, so much that traditional designs have been re-appropriated to actually be wearable. But, even better: so has the nerd community.

In fact, there were so many adorably geeky Christmas sweaters this year, it was hard to not buy one for every day of the month. Here are just a few of my favorites.

1. Rick and Morty Happy Human Holiday Sweater

Geek Fashion Fix: Holiday Sweaters

2017 was the year that, undoubtedly, the antics of Rick Sanchez & co won my heart (I know, I was late to the game). But, this sweater is the perfect tribute to everyone’s favorite drunk scientist grandpa, no matter how terrible his ‘Anatomy Park’ idea was.

2. Santa Kong Ugly Christmas Sweater

Geek Fashion Fix: Holiday Sweaters

Here's an option for those of you who appreciate a good throwback! There's nothing more adorable than Santa having to jump his way up a candy cane ladder, plus the contrast ribbed sleeves and hem are the perfect touch.  

3. Stranger Things Ugly Holiday Sweater

Geek Fashion Fix: Holiday Sweaters

The Demogorgon. The Eleven Upside Down. Our favorite heroes on their bikes. It would be a shocker if you didn't see this Box Lunch exclusive during at least one party this year.

4. Winter Wonder-land Knitted Christmas Jumper

Geek Fashion Fix: Holiday Sweaters

Of course, there had to be a nod to the real hero of 2017 on this list. Diana (and all of the kick-ass ladies of Themyscira), this one is for you. 

Are you rocking a fantastically nerdy Christmas sweater this season? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

December 24, 2017 by Tristan George

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