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Arrow Recap | The Dragon



This week’s episode of Arrow took a different turn and focused on Diaz. For the first time in what feels like forever, we didn’t get to see Oliver until a few minutes from the end. Instead, this episode gave us a bit of a Diaz's backstory and why he is the way he is.


We see Evil Laurel helping Diaz out throughout the episode as well.


Diaz’s backstory is that he grew up an orphan. While living at the orphanage, Diaz was certain his father would come get him eventually. But his father never came, and Diaz grew up being harassed by a bully.


In present day, Diaz and Siren wait to meet up with the leader of the Quadrant, a group of four high class crime lords who run everything. They meet with the son, Eric, who they thought they’d meet. He tells Diaz to get Baylor from the FBI as a sort of audition for a spot in the Quadrant.


Diaz and Siren comply, getting the Baylor, but the son ends up shooting Baylor and Diaz. Diaz survives because of a vest he was wearing, goes crazy, and gets Eric to tell him where the Quadrant group is having their meeting. Eric complies and tells them; Diaz and Siren go there and say hello with a nice explosion. Diaz kills Eric’s dad after he says that Diaz doesn’t deserve a spot at the table. Diaz then takes that spot and tells the remaining Quadrant members that Star City is available for a takeover.


At the end of the episode, Diaz gets revenge on the bully from the orphanage and burns him alive. Throughout most of Diaz’s impulsive violent reactions, Siren looks like she can’t handle his violent side. Could she be nearing a change of heart?


In the non-Diaz parts of this episode, we see Felicity and Curtis discussing tech and working together again. We also see that Felicity is having a hard time dealing with Oliver doing things alone.


Oliver and Felicity have a talk, and he makes the same promise he made his son William: that he will always come back.


What did you think of this Diaz-centric episode?

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April 21, 2018 by Jordan Ellis
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