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Arrow Recap | Thea’s New Journey


This season of Arrow has seen two villains: Cayden James and one of his partners Diaz. It’s been an interesting storyline with them. Cayden wanted revenge for his son's death, and Diaz is just a straight up villain with an agenda.

One other storyline at the forefront has been Original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow being at each others necks and trying to outdo each other, while still helping each other here and there.

This episode focused on Thea Queen and the new life she wants. With Roy being around and her realizing she really loves him, they both decided to part ways with Star City. The Arrow family goes to start a new life somewhere.

Of course, nothing good can come without something bad trying to ruin it. Athena, a member of the Thanatos Guild that Malcolm Merlyn created as a sort of rogue group of The League of Assassins before he died, came to Star City. She's in search of Thea, because she apparently knew where Malcolm hid a map that uncovered three ancient things that they wanted to find. Nyssa then shows up and is on her own path to destroy this map. After plenty of fighting the guild, they discover that this map leads to three Lazarus Pits.

Arrow Recap - Thea’s New Journey

A side story throughout this episode was Dinah and Curtis working to uncover which members of the SCPD were crooked and on Diaz’s payroll. Curtis also got a date with Dinah’s partner.

One of the main focuses of this episode was the parallel between Nyssa and Thea, who both lost their fathers, who were both Ra's al Ghul at some point, and who feel the need to avenge their deaths. Nyssa wants to right all the wrongs her father did, while Thea struggles with anything involving her father. By the end of the episode, we see Thea decide to venture off with Nyssa in search of the Lazarus Pits, and Roy decides to join them. He makes sure to tell Thea he’s willing to go anywhere because they will be together.

We then see Oliver say his farewells, and Nyssa presents Oliver with a dagger that is a symbol of their marriage being annulled.

Next week’s episode seems to be focused on Diggle and Oliver fighting over who should be Arrow. We’ll see how that goes!

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