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Arrow Recap | Oliver Wants to be Alone



This week’s episode of Arrow focused on Oliver and how he dealt with his team falling apart. For now, the only two people who haven't quit on him are Quentin and Felicity.


This episode packed a punch of craziness from beginning to end, with what was the best performance by Stephen Amell in the entire span of Arrow. He really went for it and did a phenomenal job.


For this recap, I'm breaking down all of the episode's important moments:


Oliver impeached

Oliver gets impeached in this episode. After failing to get to a hearing on time, looking kind of crazy while at the hearing, giving evidence that reveals he’s the Green Arrow, and finally leaving to go home and rest, in the end we see that he gets impeached for all of that. We also find out that when Oliver and Quentin met with Councilman Collins, he poisoned him with Vertigo, which explains basically the entire episode and why he’s losing his mind. It also explains that Councilman Collins is working with Diaz.


Vertigo trip

During this episode, we see that Oliver starts hallucinating. He hallucinates Felicity saying she wants a break and then he suddenly hallucinates Adrian Chase. Adrian becomes sort of like the devil on his shoulder and guides him while he’s going through a Vertigo trip. He sees Laurel and people he’s hurt, and it eventually became a sort of clarity Vertigo trip. Oliver decides to go find Diaz himself.


Finding Diaz

Felicity figures out that Diaz is at the precinct late every night. Oliver wants to go get him, but Felicity tries to stop him. Eventually, when he’s still dealing with the effects of Vertigo, Oliver goes to the precinct to take down Diaz, and Diaz is waiting behind a door protected by a bunch of cops ready to kill the Green Arrow. Before going in, Oliver is confronted by Quentin because Felicity called him, and Oliver punches him and walks into the precinct. Felicity arrives and decides to try to get to Oliver before he attacks. She does. Oliver has a hard time figuring out if she’s real or not, but eventually he accepts that she is, and they leave as soon as the cops start firing. At the end of the episode, Diaz tells evil Laurel that his next plan is to reveal that Star City is under his control and can be taken.



In this episode Oliver lashes out at William, destroying his science fair project, and scaring him and Felicity. She tells him to leave the house. We find out later that it was the Vertigo that made Oliver act like that.

Arrow Recap - Oliver Wants to be Alone

Oliver and Quentin’s wonderful relationship

It seems as if Quentin is the only one, aside from Felicity, who truly thinks Oliver is changed for the better and is still a great man. It’s an amazing thing to see, especially considering that he didn't like him in the beginning. Quentin is now the mayor, thanks to Oliver's impeachment.


Doing it alone

While on his Vertigo trip, Oliver finds an interesting kind of clarity. He eventually decides that he needs to do things on his own, go back to the task at hand, and stop being distracted by things. He sort of fires Felicity, saying she’s not fired even though it seems like she is, and is now alone. Oliver also wore his OG Arrow suit in this episode, which was a nice throwback.

There we have some interesting and important moments from this episode. What were your favorite moments?

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