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Arrow Recap | Docket No. 11-19-41-73


This week’s episode of Arrow focused on Oliver Queen’s trial. Diaz sped up the trial, since he has connections all over Star City and basically everyone, including the judge, was trying to convict Oliver as the Green Arrow. It basically seemed like Oliver had no chance, but then, everything changed.

Diggle was able to get Christopher Chance aka Human Target, to provide much needed help.

The new prosecution, who seemed to be incredibly intense, grilled everyone. She talked to Dinah, cracked under pressure, but still didn’t reveal Oliver as the Green Arrow. Diggle was also grilled, as well as Felicity (who was asked questions about her father, The Calculator).

We then arrive to Rene getting grilled as well, but he was certain he’d be able to convince the prosecution that Oliver was not the Green Arrow. This completely backfired when Diaz showed up at the trial with Rene’s daughter Zoe. Rene, nervous and scared for his daughter, ends up admitting that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Oliver even feels okay with it, because of Zoe being with Diaz.

Suddenly, the Green Arrow drops from the ceiling and to everyone’s surprise, including Oliver’s, it was Tommy Merlyn. TOMMY’S ALIVE? HUH? Everyone was confused. But then we see that Chance aka Human Target was actually under the Tommy mask and was helping.

Laurel even goes behind Diaz’s back and doesn’t admit to Oliver being the Green Arrow.

After more problems and troubles, we get the jury deliberation and Oliver is found guilty. It’s a shock, but also expected considering everyone is under Diaz’s payroll. Suddenly, the judge, who throughout the entire episode was angry and tried to do everything in his willpower to make Oliver seem guilty, ends up granting Oliver’s lawyer’s wish to stop the trial because everything was so conflicting. Celebrations and happiness ring throughout the entire Arrow family. We also get a beautiful moment at the end of the episode with Oliver and Rene making up.

In the bunker, it’s revealed that the Human Target took the face of the judge and helped with the trial stopping.

We also see, Laurel, who took Quentin’s advice, went to Diaz and tried to kill him and his people with a canary cry, but failed.

Next week is seems as if Diaz will be going full psycho and trying to kill not only Oliver but everyone he loves.

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