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Arrow Recap | Brothers in Arms


This episode of Arrow continued with this season’s trend of everyone being against Oliver and literally anything he does and then leaving him.

This time we have Diggle expressing his feelings towards Oliver. For the last few episodes, we’ve seen Diggle waiting and hoping for Oliver to give him the hood back. But, Oliver keeps avoiding it and not telling Diggle he wants to remain the Green Arrow.


In this episode Diggle and Oliver finally talk about this, and Oliver tells Diggle he wants to remain the Green Arrow and that being the Green Arrow completes him. Oliver apologizes and Diggle seems to accept it, until later in the episode when they physically fight after Diggle tells Oliver he’s a bad leader and that so much is his fault. They both deliver some serious low blows, with Oliver telling Diggle that at least he didn’t kill his own brother, and Diggle telling Oliver that he’s the reason why William’s mom is dead. After finding where Diaz had vertigo and destroying it, Diggle realizes that he needs to leave and joins his wife Lyla at ARGUS.

Meanwhile, other things that happened in this episode: more of evil Laurel being evil and basically faking that she wants to change. She and Diaz share a kiss at the end of the episode. And we know that she is, it seems, forever loyal to him.

Dinah, Curtis, and the only good cops left tried to take down Anatoly and the guys who roll with him. They have success, but later it all crumbles. Oliver fires Captain Hill and District Attorney Armand after revealing to him that he knows they’re working with Diaz.

Curtis and his new boyfriend get closer, even though we find out he’s not a fan of vigilantes, and they form a nice bond in this episode.

At the end of the episode, Felicity makes it known that she’ll never leave Oliver, and within seconds Captain Lance calls Oliver and tells him to turn on the TV to any channel. We see District Attorney Armand and Captain Hill trying to end Oliver once and for all by saying that firing them is an offense. We then find out that Evil Laurel helped with the plan thanks to the law books Captain Lance gave to her to read.

Next week it seems like Oliver will be doing things solo but of course, the trend continue and Felicity says they need a break. Will you be watching?

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April 07, 2018 by Jordan Ellis
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