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Become an Ambassador for Jordandené!

Ambassadorship Agreement


This agreement is made between Jordandené, LLC, a company incorporated in USA, State of New York with its principal place of business at 227 Wyckoff Ave 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (‘Jordandené’ hereafter) and Ambassador of Record (‘Ambassador’ hereafter).

Scope of Duties

Ambassador will perform the following duties:

  • 1 post per month minimum displaying the Jordandené product with brand name mentioned. A post can be either a permanent post on the page or a story on Instagram, or a YouTube or Facebook mention.
  • Verbal and visible calls-to-action to visit the page, swipe-up on Instagram, or click a link from YouTube or other social media
  • Use unique URL or promo codes (provided by Jordandené)
  • Pinned comment with call-to-action on YouTube channel (if Ambassador also has a YouTube channel on which they post)
  • Acknowledge the sponsorship from Jordandené to meet FTC guidelines
  • Talk about the way it feels, how comfortable, the fit, and how it’s subtly nerdy. Share genuine opinions of the product without being overly salesy.
  • Only use approved Jordandené logo assets (provided by Jordandené upon request)
  • Jordandené may provide feedback or require changes to any posts

Commissions, Payments, and Rewards

Payment periods are equal to a calendar month. If an ambassador joins the program mid-month, compensation will be prorated on the first commission payment.

Compensation is as follows:

  • Ambassador is required to sell one product per month to remain in this program and receive one product per month at no charge
  • Once an ambassador generates 3 sales in a month, commissions start
  • 1-10 per month will earn $5 per shirt
  • 11-20 earns $7.50
  • 21-49 earns $10
  • 50+ sales in a single month earns VIP status which includes exclusive rewards outlined in the Ambassador Program Guidelines

Sales are totaled according to the end of each calendar month and payments are made on a net 30-day basis, meaning before the end of the following calendar month.

If ambassador does not achieve one sale in a month, we’ll extend the opportunity for Ambassador to make up for it the following month to total. If one sale isn’t generated by the end of the 60th day, Jordandené retains the right to terminate the ambassadorship at their discretion.

Quality Assurance

The quality of work performed by Ambassador is guaranteed to meet the standards of Ambassador’s normal programming. Ambassadors are selected according to the quality of their current programming standards.

Agreement Ownership

Ambassador shall not assign, transfer, subcontract, or mortgage any part of this Agreement without the written consent of Jordandené.

Right of Use

Jordandené retains the right to repost Ambassador’s paid content on Jordandené’s social media or website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ambassador shall retain all ownership in and to the social media content as referenced herein. Jordandené will remove shared content at the request of Ambassador at any time.

Ambassador is not authorized to use any copyrighted content from any other companies to promote the Jordandené brand. Jordandené will not be responsible for any disputes involving the unauthorized use of any other company's intellectual property.


The term of this agreement is month-to-month withstanding successful execution of the terms of this agreement. Ambassador is bound by the terms of this agreement until a notice of removal from the program is delivered via email to Ambassador.

Right of Termination

Jordandené reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, effective immediately, upon written notice to Ambassador at any time and for any reason. It’s not in Jordandené’s interest to terminate agreements where Ambassador is delivering on all covenants of this agreement.

Likewise, Ambassador is able to terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason with a written notice (email is OK). If Jordandené or Ambassador terminates an agreement, any commissions due at the time will be disbursed on the next regular payment schedule.

Good Faith

1) Ambassador shall provide commercially reasonable (is any of this necessary) efforts to fulfill mutual standards and goals.

2) Ambassador shall not make negative comments about Jordandené’s service or product without consulting first with Jordandené. Perhaps the nature of a service or product in question may be intentional and seeking understanding first is always encouraged. If a reasonable explanation is not presented, Ambassador’s honest opinion is respected and appreciated.

Nature of Relationship

Ambassador is an independent contractor and this agreement shall not be construed as creating an employer/employee relationship.


Ambassador agrees not to make any disparaging statements about Jordandené, or its business, products or services, to the press or to any individual or entity with whom Jordandené has a working or business relationship, including but not limited to, its customers, clients, and contractors.


This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. In the event that arbitration is unsuccessful, you agree to submit to venue and personal jurisdiction in any state or federal court sitting in the County of Kings, State of New York in any action or proceeding arising out of or related, directly or indirectly, to this agreement.


Should the need to make any amendments to this Agreement arise, any and all amendments will be made under mutual written consent.


Please refer to the Ambassador Program Guidelines for ongoing updates and general guidelines from Jordandené.