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Sartorial Geek Editor's Pick Box | Limited


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The Sartorial Geek is a community for the geek in all of us. We focus on pop culture, girl power, and cool stories by cool people in our seasonal magazine, weekly podcast, and online hangouts.

The Sartorial Geek was founded two and a half years ago by college besties Liz Crowder Serota and Jordan Ellis. Last year, in an attempt to highlight some of our favorite nerdy artists and brands, we created The Sartorial Geek Boutique. SG Boutique traveled to comic cons all over the country and showcased geeky merchandise from creators who couldn't be there in person. We were hoping to grow SG Boutique this year, but alas 2020 had other plans.

Because we never give up on our dream of supporting fellow nerdy creatives, we reimagined our physical SG Boutique into a new project we can ship directly to you. With that, we present: The Sartorial Geek Editor's Box.

For this project, Liz and Jordan each curated one editor's pick box, full of geeky goodness by some of our favorite creators. We chose items that can be enjoyed at home, as a sort of quarantine survival kit. These boxes should ship in time for the holidays (within The United States), so they're a perfect gift for yourself or for a friend.

We're so excited to see this project come to life and to introduce you to some of our favorite geeky brands!


Liz's Fantasy Themed Box includes: a fantasy book and products from Jordandené, Out of Print, Snows Cut Soaps, Liana Kangas, Badali Jewelry, and FrakkingBombs.

Jordan's Pop Culture Themed Box includes: a graphic novel and products from Jordandené, Stay Home Club, Friday Afternoon Tea, Butternut Gouache, Sacred Something by Kara, The Colorful Geek, and FrakkingBombs.

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