The Handmade Geek – Highlighting Geeky Yarns

I am a big fan of things that are handmade.  As a maker myself, I know how much time, love, and creativity go into something handmade. I love that so many things in my home are handmade by someone, and I love supporting the crafter or maker.  

I’m also a fangirl. I obsess over the latest Doctor Who regeneration, cry a little when I miss the opening night of the latest Marvel movie, and count down the days for the next volume of Lumberjanes.

When these two worlds combine, I’m a happy girl.

Which brings me to this series. In this series, I’d like to show off some of the wonderful handmade items and shops that cater to geeky fandoms. Whether you’re into DC or Marvel, video games or graphic novels, there’s something handmade out there for you!

To kick off this series, I’m highlighting a material near and dear to my heart. Hand-dyed yarn is beautiful. No two skeins are ever exactly alike, and each is its own masterpiece. Whether you knit, crochet, or work with another fiber art, these hand-dyed yarns are dreamy.

Gamer Crafting

The Handmade Geek – Highlighting Geeky Yarns

Gamer Crafting operates out of the UK.  But, oh, these yarns are amazing! With yarns inspired by Luke Skywalker, Pikachu, and even the Tardis, there’s something to inspire anyone wanting to make their own geeky sweater or blanket. You can even join the subscription box and get hand-dyed, geek-inspired yarns each month!

The Handmade Geek – Highlighting Geeky Yarns

Angie, the owner and designer behind Gamer Crafting, started out knitting, but soon found a love of hand-dyed yarn.  She writes beautiful patterns that you can find here or here. Check out her Etsy store, or follow her on Instagram to see more of her absolutely stunning yarns.

Lattes and Llamas

The Handmade Geek – Highlighting Geeky Yarns

I love Lattes and Llamas.  I stumbled across these ladies at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, and, oh, are they amazing.  Not only do they create beautiful, hand-dyed yarns, but they also started a Geek-A-Long!

The Handmade Geek – Highlighting Geeky Yarns

Geek-A-Long is an annual knit/crochet along. Over the span of a year, crafters create afghans from over 200 square designs, and can buy the corresponding yarn from Lattes and Llamas.   Lattes and Llamas select the squares for each year’s blanket, but all the patterns are available on their website. With squares ranging from Wonder Woman to Assassin’s Creed and everything in between, why not make all the blankets?

What are you favorite geeky yarns? Let us know in the comments!

Lisa Seyfried

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Lisa Seyfried is a comic book lover, Whovian, member of the Carol Corps, and crocheter.  When not running around after her 6-month-old son, she’s making colorful, handmade goodies for around the home.

February 20, 2018 by Sartorial Geek

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