Podcast Sommelier: Thirst Aid Kit

Welcome to the first edition of the Podcast Sommelier! I’m Ashley, co-host of The Kindred Spirit Podcast, where we explore history one drink at a time. As your Podcast Sommelier, I’ll be recommending you a new podcast, recommending which episode to start with, and pairing it with a cocktail you can drink while listening to it.

This month’s recommendation is Thirst Aid Kit! Thirst Aid Kit is a Buzzfeed Podcast hosted by Nichole Perkins and Bim Adewunmi. Every Thursday...get it...Thirsty Thursday, Nichole & Bim pick a topic to thirst about. Some past topics include “John Cho for President” “The Great British Bae Off” and “Mahershala, In Yellow,” all standout episodes that you can find here. They just ended their first season with “Chris Evans (feat. Chris Evans),” which is the only way one can end a season. And yes, Chris Evans does come on to talk about the beard.

Chris Evans Beard

In later episodes they introduced the Thirst Sommelier, which takes your crush and recommends another one. For example, if you like the roguishness of a middle aged Harrison Ford, why not try a Mahershala Ali.

But I want to focus on one very special episode, Pow! Bam! Thirst!where Nichole & Bim head to New York Comic Con. They speak to cosplayers throughout the con to find out who their first crush was. Then they ask Amy Reeder, Tee Franklin, Kieron Gillen, Fabrice Sapolsky, Gail Simone, Brian Stelfreeze, and Juan Ferreyra about how they draw sexy characters.

Later, Nichole & Bim are joined by special guest Krutika Mallikarjuna. Krutika is a Features Editor at TV Guide, and she guides them through the world of superheroes. In case you were worried about this being fifty minutes of thirst, they also discuss if there is burn-out factor of the superhero films, why there isn’t a Storm standalone film, and how to get diversity into the Marvel shows. Then it’s time to talk about superhero sex, mainly which is better: super speed or super strength? Krutika asks the immortal line, “But what that mouth do?”

Every episode of Thirst Aid Kit ends in Fan Fic Wars, where they write a quick drabble about their thirst object from that episode. After the episode airs you can vote on twitter for the winner, but let’s just say that everyone is a winner here. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the fic, but I will say it’s about a certain Man of Steel and Grant Gustin, with his tiny bird chest.  

This is a powerful episode and, since it’s an earlier episode, it’s a great welcome into Thirst Aid Kit. When they break down Luke Cage and Jessica Jones's sex scene… you might need to pour yourself another cocktail.

And, speaking of cocktails, I am pairing this episode with the ultimate thirst quencher. This cocktail, in honor of their recent live show, is called The Quenchening! It’s based on The Rose Noir from Martha Stewart. This recipe is easily doubled to create a punch for all your thirst objects!

  • Bottle of Rose Champagne
  • 1 ½ Shots of Vodka
  • 1 Shot of Blackberry liqueur (Creme de Cassis)
  • ½ Shot of lemon juice
  • Blackberries & lemon slices for garnish


  1. Add ice, vodka, blackberry liqueur and lemon juice to the shaker
  2. Stir for 10 seconds
  3. Strain into your glassware, I went for a highball glass, and top with the rose champagne.
  4. Stir briefly then add your garnish of blackberries and lemon slices

Podcast Sommelier: Thirst Aid Kit

If you want to be a true hostess, freeze your blackberries so they will keep your Quenchening cool. The rose champagne makes it a bit pinker, but you could easily use normal champagne. The blackberry liquor will also be used in an upcoming Podcast Sommelier, and it’s a really good addition to cocktails.

Thanks for joining me, and we’ll see you next month on another edition of Podcast Sommelier! Let us know in the comments if you try this cocktail or if you have a podcast to recommend!

February 24, 2018 by Sartorial Geek

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