How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

Red lips are the ultimate vintage accessory and, let’s be real, a lot of our favorite cosplay characters also rock a red lip: Peggy Carter, Ariel, Jessica Rabbit, Snow White, and Maleficent, just to name a few. With con season beginning to ramp up, we thought this was the perfect time to share how easy it can be to achieve this classic look.

  1. Exfoliate: Begin by prepping your lips by exfoliating. Here I am using a washcloth, but you can also use a toothbrush, or a sugar scrub!
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

  2. Moisturize: The lip balm I keep in my professional makeup kit is Aquaphor. It’s not scented and really does its job.
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

  3. Blot: It is important to either let your lip balm soak in and/or blot off excess lip balm before applying your lipstick otherwise it will slip and slide all over the place, and that’s no good – we’re going for all day wear here!
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

  4. Lip Liner: Begin by lining your Cupid’s bow (the little “v” that’s a part of your upper lip.) The easiest way to do this is by drawing an “X” to mark where your Cupid’s bow is. From there you can line the rest of your lip. I usually fill in my whole lip with the liner as a “base.” (Note: This step is totally optional!)
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

  5. Apply Lipstick: Now comes the fun part – applying your lipstick! Cover your lips with a nice, even coat.
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

  6. Blot: This step is crucial. Don’t walk out that door without blotting! Contrary to popular belief, putting the tissue in between your lips will actually make your lips fade unevenly. In order to evenly blot your lips take the tissue and press it flat against your lips.

  7. Re-apply: You thought you were finished, didn’t you? So close! The final step to achieve the longest staying power possible is to re-apply your lipstick post-blot. Now you’re done.
    How to Get the Perfect Peggy Carter Red Lip

For those of us who enjoy wearing lipstick from the tube, following these steps will ensure the longest wear possible. Liquid lipstick is another great option for conventions, but some costumes require the classic approach for accuracy.

Lizzie McGuire

How many of you choose your cosplays based on the makeup looks? Do you tend to gravitate toward costumes that will allow you to try new techniques with your makeup or ones that will be quick and easy? Leave a comment down below!

Products used: NYX lip pencil in “Red” and Bésame Cosmetics lipstick in “Red Velvet” (fun fact: this is Peggy Carter’s actual lipstick used in the television series!)

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