How to be a crafty fox!

Are you looking for something to wear with a Jordandene Robin Hood themed shirt of the month? To show your royal side or just to celebrate this classic Disney movie? The craft section for this month has got everything that you need.

Did you want to be the fabulous, marvellous, merciful, chivalrous... Sorry, I got it all wrong, I meant the sniveling, grovelling, measly, weaselling? This crochet crown pattern designed by Joyce Overheul is a crown fit for a king (or unfit for a prince). This pattern was originally designed for Koningsdag or King's Day in the Netherlands: a day that celebrates the birthday of the king, where everyone dresses up in orange or royalty-related things like fake crowns, and much like the comic cons we love to enjoy, going over the top is encouraged!

How to be a crafty fox!

This pattern is much more elaborate than the one featured on Prince John’s head, but I think he would have preferred it (especially if it fit).

This pattern is available for $5.49USD on Etsy.

How to be a crafty fox!

The second geeky craft is from Ambra from Cloudsfactory. This character cross stitch pattern will have you singing as you’re stitching. Ambra is an 80s girl, growing up in a world of flash colours and pixels. Originally an art restorer, the economic crises spurred her crafty and entrepreneurial skills to create Cloudsfactory. By rejecting the old lady style of cross stitch patterns, she has created her own style which would satisfy any science, sporty, history or geeky geeks!

This pattern is available on the Cloudsfactory website for $9.50USD.

How to be a crafty fox!

Finally, we have a no sew fox ears tutorial which would go perfectly with the Jordandene shirt of the month!

What you need:

1 x orange felt (for the outer ear)
1 x peach, pink felt (for the inner ear)
1 x headband
Scissors and a glue gun.

Step 1: Cut out the pattern and pin the pattern to fabric or transfer it with a water-soluble pen. Cut two of each piece, making sure they are mirrored.

How to be a crafty fox!

Step 2: Glue the inner ear to the outer ear on the top of your mirrored pieces.

Step 3: Decide where your ears will be positioned on the headband by folding them over and checking in the mirror, making sure the inner ear is visible when folded.

Step 4: Glue join the middle of your outer ear piece and glue it to where you positioned them.

Step 5: Put glue on the top of your headband and fold both sides of the outer ear hold down until it dries.

Step 6: Glue both sides of the outer ear pieces together.

How to be a crafty fox!

Step 7: Put a dollop of glue on the inside corner of the inner ear and fold the outside ear onto it. This gives the ear some shape.

How to be a crafty fox!

Step 8: Repeat Steps 3 to 7 for the other ear piece.

Step 9: Don ears and rob the rich to feed the poor!

How to be a crafty fox!

If you make your own set of foxy ears, show us on Instagram with #sartorialgeek!

Nick Kemsley

Nick Kemsley is an archaeologist by day, crafter at any spare moment and born nerd. They are an outspoken gender queer activist and often covered in dirt.

February 23, 2018 by Sartorial Geek

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