Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Veronica Sawyer

Who doesn’t love a good ‘80’s teen fashion icon, let alone one played by the ultimate It Girl of her time?

Throw in some old-fashioned teenage angst and a dash of murder, and you get one Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer of Heathers, the coolest dark comedy of them all.

Style Icon: Veronica Sawyer

Winona brought her classic cool-girl air to Veronica, and it definitely shows through her style. With a little new-age goth, a little 90's power shoulders, and a lot of devil-may-care attitude, it's safe to say I'd quicker flock to her than I would the classically popular girl in high school. 

I know that would have inevitably ended in my death, but shush. Let me have this. 

Style Icon: Veronica Sawyer

Also? She was all over the off-the-shoulder trend before anyone else, and I don't think anyone's ever worn a blazer as well. Lacking the scrunchies, bright color schemes, and giant hair of her peers, Veronica is the perfect contrast to a film so blinding with late-80's fashion.

Style Icon: Veronica Sawyer

Not to mention, she somehow killed the tonal blocking game without looking like a crayon, even in a power suit. '80's dressing at its finest, even when at a funeral. 

This all-blue look on its own may seem dated, but aspects of it, like all of Veronica's outfits, can be adapted for present-day. And as per London Fashion week SS 2018, a similar shade of blue is about to make its way into the spotlight this coming season. 

Fashion Icon: Veronica SawyerStyle Icon: Veronica Sawyer

I give Winona Ryder a lot of credit for the fact that Veronica's looks are just so effortlessly cool (then again, she pretty much invented that look). But, it couldn't have been done without Heathers costume designer Rudy Dillon's incredible use of color in the film to make Veronica stand out among her peers.

If this made you want to rewatch Heathers as badly as I did, you can stream it now on Netflix or Hulu.

February 01, 2018 by Tristan George

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