Geek Fashion Fix | Fictional Style Icon: Nomi Segal

I’ve never had exceptionally high hopes for spin-offs, but when it was announced Freeform picked up a series about black-ish oldest daughter Zoey Johnson going off to college, I was intrigued.

So, I came for my love of black-ish. I stayed because, in just one episode, grown-ish proved to be the most arguably fashionable show currently on the air. And along the way, I fell in love with every single one of these insanely talented kids and their stories, living through each of them as someone who didn’t have a traditional college freshman experience (fashion school in the middle of the city with a 90% female population. None of that last 10% was as dreamy as Luka Sabbat.)

Style Icon: Nomi Segal

I was invested in Nomi, Zoey’s free-spirited fast friend, from the very beginning. She had the wry sense of humor that most of my favorite fictional ladies had, and to top it all off, was canonically and openly bisexual, something we rarely see on television. 

And, as this segment usually goes, I wanted every single outfit she wore with her hoop earrings and subtle tomboy twist. 

Style Icon: Nomi Segal

What’s so fun about Nomi’s wardrobe (for me, at least) is how perfectly it aligns with the point of my life I’m in. Her looks aren’t what I want for when I’m older, or richer, or anything else. They’re what I want to be wearing right now, on any given day, on a night out, running errands or lounging around. And, usually, every outfit of hers is versatile enough to cover almost all of those bases.

(Seriously, if I could find those red boots, I'd wear them with everything.)

Style Icon: Nomi Segal

Nomi just might be the most accessible of all my style icons. Between friends in Balmain jeans and Gucci tracksuits, she still manages to stand out in outfits that can easily be thrifted or dug up from the back of your closet and looks killer while doing it.

Relive those sweet and awkward years of freshman year and catch grown-ish on Freeform, Wednesday nights at 8, or binge it all on Hulu. 

February 08, 2018 by Tristan George

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