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Among dystopian worlds and timelines that show the evils of modern technology, Black Mirror’s "San Junipero" stands alone.

While every other Black Mirror episode left me crippled with fear and anxiety as I shied away from my cell phone and obsessively covered my webcam, "San Junipero" left me in tears. Gorgeous, wonderful, happy-tears. I remember my roommate at the time passing through the living room and shooting me a weird look, to which I pointed at the TV and screamed, "IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!"

Too scared for the rest of Black Mirror? Just watch "San Junipero" and skip the rest. It's not only the series' happiest episode, but it's also it's most stylish. 

Style Icon: Kelly Booth

"San Junipero" is as nostalgic for the 80's as Stranger Things and strong-shouldered blazers, and Kelly, one of the main protagonists, is no different. Her most iconic look is all fuschia jacket (seriously, nothing screams 80's louder than that color), Madonna-esque layered accessories, hair bows and the curls of my dreams. 

In a time where everyone stands out in their bright colors, she somehow stands out even more. She's not shy about color, accessorizing, or even coordinating lipstick shades, as shown above, and, every second she's on screen, exudes the confidence of that girl who's always the life of the party.

Style Icon: Kelly Booth

Even when she ventures into the early 2000's, her looks are still on point. In white denim, yellow gold, shimmery accents and a funky belt, 2002 Kelly channels basically every cool-girl pop star I was obsessed with as a kid. (Yes, I absolutely would have tried to copy that outfit while plastering a poster of her above my bed and I'm not ashamed to admit it.)

Style Icon: Kelly Booth

A sequined blazer in a shade of green so reminiscent of a mermaid it looks like actual scales? Not too much for Kelly (besides, it's a beach town!). In fact, she'll throw in earrings and sunglasses in coordinating shades and she'll still look kickass driving around in her Jeep. 

"San Junipero" perfectly nails a look into different decades without coming off too garish or costumey and that's just a bonus to telling one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever seen on television. 

So stop everything you're doing, open up Netflix, and stream this incredible episode of Black Mirror right now. 

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February 15, 2018 by Tristan George

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