Brand Spotlight: Prophecy Girl

Being a geek girl with a love for fashion is really starting to take a toll on my wallet, and it’s getting to the point where there are so many amazing brands and companies out there that I don’t even care anymore. 

You may have seen me shout out Prophecy Girl on our Instagram (@sartorialgeek) in the past, but I love them so much, we’re bringing that love to the blog, too.

Prophecy Girl is a British clothing brand for geek girls who want to indulge in their love of fantasy, sci-fi, and all things nerdy with a geek chic twist. Their exclusive clothing line is designed and made in the UK, producing a collection of smart-casual womenswear that pays respects to all your favorite fandoms.

Their motto? “Wear your geek side with pride!”

Brand Spotlight: Prophecy Girl

Sherlocked Shirt, £38.00

Prophecy Girl instantly caught my eye with their button-up shirts. In addition to the classic tee route, they also offer ladies button-up shirts with amazingly geeky prints. I quickly fell in love with their Sherlock-inspired shirt, with an amazing damask pattern that’s more than meets the eye— when you look closely, it’s all made up of Sherlockian elements, such as violins, pipes, and magnifying glasses. It’s incredibly clever and looks so chic on a collared button-up.

Brand Spotlight: Prophecy Girl

Dark Side of the Moon Scarf, £20.00

Their adorable prints are also available in infinity scarves. My personal favorite? The Dark Side of the Moon scarf, a Star Wars-inspired style available in two colors.

Brand Spotlight: Prophecy Girl

School Daze Pin, £6.00

And what's a shop without pins? Prophecy Girl's School Daze enamel pins are a perfect (and undeniably adorable) way to show some house pride. 

Don't worry, everyone: they do ship internationally.

What are some of your favorite geeky fashion companies (besides us here at Jordandené, of course)? Let us know in the comments below?

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