5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

As geeks and nerds, we have quite the collection of fandom-based swag. From bags to jewelry, shoes to dresses, and everything in between, we have access to an enormous array of pieces to help us wave our nerd flag proudly. But our most coveted clothing item as nerds definitely has to be the t-shirt—and for good reason.

T-shirts offer versatility and comfort, and are a quick go-to item at a moment’s notice. However, they’re not the dressiest item in our closets, and are often overlooked depending on the occasion. Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult to style tees into an ensemble that reflects your personality.

Never fear though! Today, I  have for you 5 outfit ideas that are easy to assemble, and can incorporate your favorite geeky t-shirt seamlessly. All you have to do is pick which shirt you’re going to wear and you’re all set!

Take a look at the 5 curated outfits, and elevate your nerdiness to a whole new level with ease!

Mom Jeans & Flannel

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

Perhaps the purest way to wear a nerd shirt is with jeans and comfortable shoes. However, you can level-up your OOTD by wearing trendy, high-waisted mom jeans, and your favorite flannel shirt. Mom jeans are easy to wear as they feel good on, and look amazing on many people; when combined with flannel, it gives off a stylishly cozy aura. It’s also a great way to showcase a nerd shirt with pride, so you can enjoy any outing with confidence.

Simple Shift or Jersey Dress

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

If you love wearing dresses and skirts as much as I do, you try to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe as often as you can. But, if you’re also like me, you lack a variety of fandom-themed frocks, your options may seem limited. There’s a simple solution to this problem, though: wear a nerd shirt with a basic shift dress! Whether it’s jersey, Ponte stretch knit, or cotton, it’ll be easy to wear with a tee without adding any extra bulk. This is the perfect pairing for those who love to accessorize with cute tights, shoes, and jewelry.

Nerdy Leggings

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

Nerdy leggings and t-shirt go together like Han Solo and Chewbacca—you really can’t go wrong with this option. Wear cute flats for the warmer months, or ankle boots and a long cardigan during the cold season. You can also customize this combo to perfectly fit your day’s fandom theme.

Faux Leather & Structured Jacket

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

For those nights when you want to hit the town in style but you don’t want to sacrifice your geekiness! Take a pair of faux leather leggings or lacquered denim, a structured or moto jacket, some glitz and glamour, and you’re ready to tear up the town like an Asgardian! Finish off the look with a cute wristlet or clutch and some flashy shoes.

Skirt & Cardigan

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Geeky T-Shirt and Still Look Cute

When you want to be a little dressy, or you have a flair for vintage, this is a perfect combo to go with. Pick any skirt and cardigan, and you’re all set! With so many combinations to utilize, you’ll have to get more nerd shirts to wear with each outfit!

No matter which outfit you choose, always keep your personal style in mind. Your outfits should reflect the wonderfully geeky individual that you are, and it should make you feel good! Don’t stress too much if your ensembles don’t look quite like the ones I’ve shown—you should put your own spin on what I’ve showcased here. And never forget to embrace your nerdiness each and every day!

What did you think of these outfit ideas? Did you like them? What’s your favorite nerd shirt? Let us know down below!

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February 27, 2018 by Sartorial Geek

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